Over the last few years we have all been bombarded by people telling us how we should be using LinkedIn more effectively. I am one of the culprits as I have run courses on both LinkedIn & Blog Writing for a number of years.

I was therefore surprised to receive an “exclusive invitation” yesterday where I was offered the chance of somebody doing my LinkedIn for me!!! Strange choice of targeting I thought, do these people actually know me? Have they done any research at all?

Of course not, it was just another example of mutton marketing dressed up as lamb! You know the type, pretends to be something it isn’t. Do these people think we are stupid?

I’ll tell you what is extremely stupid, handing over your LinkedIn password and giving these people access to your account. They may be “well known and respected” but the most important factor for me is, THEY are NOT ME!

We already have a similar phenomenon occurring on other social media platforms but that is slightly different. Usually that is an agency posting on behalf of a business NOT an individual, although some do it for ‘people’ too.

Back to the LinkedIn ‘offer’, where the crux of the ‘outsourced work’ would be the targeting and following of relevant contacts in your target market. They insisted you had a ‘Premium Account’ to make their job easier! Once they have followed someone and sent the invite, it would be up to me to follow up on any interest generated. They would however provide me with example scripts that I could ‘tailor’. The offer also includes messages to be sent to my existing connections and comments into relevant groups.

LinkedIn was the ONE professional social media platform I thought I could rely on but perhaps that is now a dangerous perception. When you next get an invitation it may not be from the actual account holder. When you see posts from anyone, you will need to question whether THEY even wrote it?

The cost of my “exclusive invitation” started from £500 per month and the ‘ideal’ was £1,500! I think I’ll stick to doing my own thing as:

a) It’s not exactly difficult or time consuming

b) I like to choose who I follow MYSELF

c) In a few years AI will probably mean we can automate 98% of all our pre-sales activity anyway and all for the cost of a daily coffee!

On a final point – if LinkedIn themselves supported this concept, they would introduce an ‘admin feature’ similar to that used by Facebook. On Facebook you can appoint page administrators that can post and edit content BUT they can’t make security setting changes.

Thank you for reading.

Stuart Allen ~ MD of The Sales Performance Company Ltd

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