This week I went to visit a potential new client to discuss social media training, specifically around Twitter and LinkedIn. The enquiry (as often is the case these days) was generated by my own social media activity. Following the initial enquiry email I immediately made a phone call. I only ever respond by email if I can’t get through on the telephone. While talking it became apparent that a visit was needed to discuss requirements in more detail.

The meeting was to be attended by a member of marketing and sales as well as the MD. I had specifically asked if they could be involved. I was so glad I did as within ten minutes of the meeting starting the focus had completely shifted.

The MD had apparently a far, far greater need for my sales performance expertise than anything else. A need that had only recently become apparent and one that they had not yet had a chance to do anything about. The business had grown rapidly and due to other priorities, the MD had become less and less involved in the sales function. Almost by accident something triggered a need to get back involved in sales and suddenly a cacophony of alarm bells started to ring.

I have witnessed far too many sales people that are so focused and drilled to deliver a standardised meeting and presentation, that they completely miss much larger opportunities that are right in front of them. Best of all for me is that the social media training is still a requirement.

One of the key skills in sales is to be prepared for anything! I’m glad to report I was up to the challenge.

My own quote (as can be seen in the image for this post) reads “The most important ability of all is adaptability!”

On a slightly different note, don’t you just love it when you really ‘connect’ with certain people? For me that is people who share my common passions, business ethos and boundless energy. This is a perfect and exciting new client and I look forward to helping them succeed.

Thanks for reading.

Stuart Allen

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