I had an email this morning telling me my mailbox was about to expire and I must reset via the links below! It was sent to my correct email address and looked genuine but I knew it was fake. We have instinctively learned to spot the work of scammers and con artists in the same was as an art dealer would spot forgeries of famous paintings. In the mind of the criminal anything of value is worth copying and the higher the value the greater the potential profit.

Of course, it is not just art, products and cash that can be faked, people and businesses can be as well. My bank called me the other day and after they introduced themselves they asked ME to pass THEIR security questions??? I was pretty sure the call was genuine but I still refused. I told them that if the matter was urgent I would be happy to go to my local branch.

I might have been overly cautious but we have all heard horror stories of people robbed of their life savings or businesses forced into bankruptcy by unscrupulous con artists. Most of these involve some form of unprincipled ‘sales scams’ where people are influenced to buy or invest in something that simply doesn’t exist. Sadly this criminal activity negatively impacts on the reputation of genuine sales professionals.

In a world full of ‘fake’ it is important to know if people, their business, their email, their phone call and their social media messages are absolutely authentic. If you are thinking of working with a particular person/business, then the level of trust and checking needed will obviously be proportionate to the value of the potential contract.

Here are some practical and sensible precautions:

  • To check people and businesses:
    • Do they have a detailed LinkedIn profile with a clear headshot photograph?
    • Does their website have full contact details & photographs of real staff?
    • Do you/they share mutual connections? Make a call or email to authenticate them.
    • Look at their social media accounts, are they active, who with?
    • Google them!
  • To build trust and confidence look for:
    • Client testimonials on websites & social media (with actual names you recognise or can check).
    • Personal and business memberships of accredited trade associations.
    • Is their business registered at Companies House (free check available).
    • Longevity – how long has the business been running.

None of the above in isolation prove anything, you must use several checks and cross checks to be sure.

If you are a salesperson reading this then make sure that when prospects do the checks detailed above on you/your business, they will get the right results!

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Thank you for reading!

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