As we rapidly approach year end I want you to promise that you won’t make any New Year Resolutions! In surveys just 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolution and 50% don’t even last a week!

Instead I want you to commit to making some ‘real’ goals for 2014 and beyond. To help guide you in the task I have compiled a list of ten of my own favourite goal setting Tweets from 2013. Think about each of these when setting your goals:

Why should you set goals?

Would you turn up at a train station with no idea of your destination? Of course not, so don’t do it with your career or life! Set Life Goals!

The word motivation comes from ‘motive’ which means the reason why we do what we do. This is why goals are so important in life.

Goal setting rules:

When setting life goals be ambitious but set mini goals as stepping stones! You can’t climb to the top of a ladder without rungs!

Many people have goals but keep them quiet in case they fail. Winners commit fully by telling everyone what they will do AND by when!

A goal talked about is just noise. A goal written is just words. A goal pictured is just a vision. A goal with ALL three? Guaranteed!

Attitude is EVERYTHING!

If you don’t have confidence in your ability, then don’t be surprised if other people feel exactly the same way.

No one will ever talk to you as much as you talk to yourself so be careful what you say as YOUR words WILL become YOUR reality!

Three things in life hold people back, Apathy, Fear and Money. If YOU can conquer the first two, the third usually takes care of itself.

Daily activities:

Each morning ask yourself “What WILL I do today to take me closer to my goals?” Then at night swap the word “WILL” for “DID”.

Always remember that the satisfaction of achievement is directly proportionate to the amount of effort needed to reach the goal!

Best wishes for a brilliant 2014 from me, Stuart Allen and The Sales Performance Company Ltd.