In the last few days I have seen and heard lots of debates about the current Brexit situation. The most common question was about how people voted at the referendum compared to their voting intentions, if there was a second referendum? The answers I heard included:

  • I voted for Brexit and I would do so again
  • I voted to remain and would do so again
  • I voted for Brexit but I would now vote remain
  • I voted remain but would now vote for Brexit

This was not just the public speaking, this included MPs from most parties! No wonder the political world is in turmoil. Let’s face it, the chances of getting consensus on such a contentious issue as leaving the European Union were akin to those of winning the jackpot on the Lotto!

Those ‘shouting’ that the way forward was clear (providing it was ‘their way’) and that no compromises were needed/should be given are deluded. The final deal was never going to be black or white, it was always going to be grey and I for one like grey! As a colour grey has been ‘in trend’ for the past few years.

I am by nature an adaptable person and will make good from whatever outcome is finally agreed and I know this view is shared by a vast number of UK businesses. What is more damaging to all right now is the ‘not knowing’. In the world of sales, I teach people that getting a ‘no’ quickly is not a bad thing but getting a ‘no’ after a long, expensive and complex chase is a disaster!

Thank you for reading!

Stuart Allen ~ MD of The Sales Performance Company Ltd


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