Over the past three decades I have read hundreds of sales related books, articles and more recently blogs. I’ve also attend lots of conferences and listened to endless keynote speeches.

Many ‘trends’ in business to business sales have come and gone, what was once ‘ground breaking’ is now just normal or even old fashioned. Most of what I used to teach to my sales teams back in the 80s and 90s makes me cringe today.

Read my blogs on the website and on LinkedIn (70 articles) over the past few years and you will get a feel for my ‘modern take’ on selling. This is based on two factors:

  • All sales people are also consumers (buyers)
  • Modern buyers don’t even need sales people

Business owners & employed managers now spend a good deal of time each day trying to avoid sales people. Dodging sales calls has become a sport worthy of a place in the Olympic Games. Imagine ‘sales person versus gatekeeper’ wrestling played out in Sumo Suits! (Perhaps not a great image, can’t clear that one from my head now!).

Who’s played LinkedIn Russian Roulette? You accept what looks like a genuine connection request only to be bombarded by the 300 word generic sales pitch. If you don’t reply they repost it (or a variation) daily until you do reply, or you BLOCK them! It’s the same with Twitter and Facebook! Don’t get me started on email!

If you want to survive in sales then here are a few basics from of my ‘modern selling’ rulebook.

  • Sell unto others as you would have sold unto you! If you wouldn’t like “it” done to you don’t do “it” to other people.
  • Learn to REALLY listen – it’s a LOT harder than it sounds!
  • Talk and act calmly.
  • If you want them to say “yes” you must make “no” a perfectly acceptable answer.
  • Respect and value other people’s time.
  • Seek first to understand and then to be understood™ (Franklin Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People™).
  • Add a value and richness to the buying process that the client cannot get from any other source.
  • Just be YOU! If you act differently when you are selling you will be spotted as a fake!

Thanks for reading.

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